It goes without saying that my plate’s full, pretty much all of the time! Balancing my most important job (raising my two beautiful boys), while having a full-time job AND building two brands is exhausting. I try not to complain too much about how tired I am because I understand it’s all part and parcel of what it takes to be a ‘Bossmom’. Plus, I asked for this! No one is holding a gun to my head to make all of this happen.


My Why

My goal is to inspire confidence in women to make fearless and fashionable living a reality. When things get tough, as they inevitably do, and I start questioning myself, I always go back to my ‘why’.



What I Do

I work full-time as an analyst at an investment firm outside of Washington DC. This job pays the bills, and allows me to invest in the brands I’ve created. I am the founder of Couture Diva, a curated women’s accessories retailer, and creator of this fashion and lifestyle blog Farrah Romaine. I work a typical 40 hour week at my J-O-B. The time I spend on building my brands usually happens at night after I put my boys to sleep, and on the weekends when I can steal time away from them. On a daily basis I spend anywhere from 2-4 hours planning content for my blog and social media, writing posts, editing pictures, doing product photography, adding new products to my website, and fulfilling orders. I try to schedule at least one photoshoot per month, and attend as many industry events as I can.

A List Can Save Your Life

I’d be lying to you if I said I have it figured out all the time. Maintaining balance in general is tough without adding a side hustle and two unpredictable pre-schoolers to the equation. I’ve always been a highly disciplined person and I enjoy structure, so I think this helps me keep it all together. However, making lists is how I keep my sanity. I never met a notebook I didn’t like, and can be found with at least two or three at any given moment. My obsession was getting a little out of hand lately (just too many notebooks and it was taking way too long to find what I needed). On my last Target run I bought a brand new notebook and divvied it up into three sections: one for weekly to-do lists and notes in general, another for social media marketing and content management, and the last for my strategic planning and goals. I’m sure there are fancy software and tools available for these types of things, but I like to go with what works for me. A notebook I can pick up and scribble in anytime, take it anywhere, and I love the convenience of it.

Shifting Priorities

There simply aren’t enough hours in my day to accomplish everything I need to. Before I had kids I used to think I was Superwoman, and I was even foolish enough to think that wouldn’t change after they got here. Puh!! They quickly disavowed me of that delusion, but it was a tough lesson to learn. At the end of the day, my priority is raising my boys to be outstanding human beings. That comes first. After that, my priorities can change daily or weekly, depending on business deadlines or specific goals I need to accomplish.

Taking Time For Me

Self-care is so important, yet it’s usually last on my list of things to do. I’ve gotten so used to surviving on 5-6 hours of sleep per night that my body doesn’t miss it unless I’ve had a stressful week. With so much on my plate it isn’t practical to schedule a lot of time to take care of myself. So how do I take time for me? I found out about micro workouts a couple of years ago, and this concept has revolutionized my busy life. At least two to three days I try to squeeze in a lunch workout at work. When I’m not in the gym I’ll do a quick 20 minute workout from home using dumbbells for strength training or a workout challenge from my Pinterest Fitness board. Here are some other ways I take care of me:

Beauty Routine – I apply at least one mask per week, and I invest in products that help my skin look and feel great.

Reading – I spend a lot of time reading fashion magazines and blogs to keep up with fashion trends and what’s happening in my industry. I also love reading books on professional and self development. Currently on my nightstand: The August issue of Harper’s Bazaar and On Writing Well by William Zinsser.

Girl Time – My social life revolves around my guys but I need time away from them to let my hair down and have some fun. When I can, I schedule time to catch up with my girlfriends.



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