We’ve been having such a good time with Chase and Conner, watching them grow and seeing their little personalities blossom. I have to admit, this is my favorite time with them! You see, they were born prematurely at thirty two weeks. Thankfully, they didn’t have any developmental challenges to overcome, but they had to spend three weeks in the NICU before they were cleared to be brought home from the hospital. That first year and a half was very hard for me; recuperating from my C section, caring for two brand new babies, and being very meticulous about their health and nutrition. We also took advantage of the local (and free) resources from our county to help the boys with their cognitive and communication skills.

Over the Summer break I started noticing that the twins became very interested in learning to read. It’s entertaining to see what they’re into, because it usually isn’t the same thing at the same time. For example, when Chase first became obsessed with his letters, Conner was still very much into counting everything he saw! They enjoy using their Kindles so much, and at first I felt guilty about the amount of screen time I allowed. I had a change of heart when I saw how much they were learning from the apps and videos they’ve been frequenting. They can recognize and spell most common sight words, and are talking in full sentences! What’s even better is how they are using what they’re learning to interact with us and with each other.

So with this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of Chase and Conner’s favorite Kindle Fire learning apps and videos that this mama approves!

This was an early favorite as it taught the boys letter sounds and new vocabulary using short animation and audio that’s actually easy on the ears. Each letter takes on a personality and makes a sound as it is dragged into the correct place in a word. This app really helped Chase and Conner with spelling, and expanding their vocabulary.
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This interactive app has a number of games and puzzles to help with counting, sorting, and memory skills. This app helped them most with sorting and memory skills. They also got the book as a gift this Summer, and they were obsessed with it for a few weeks.
Find it here: Amazon

Technically, this isn’t an app, but videos containing letters, and words too, to help preschoolers build their vocabulary. The songs are catchy and repetitive, and the animation makes it fun to hold the boys’ attention. This learning tool is probably my favorite so far. Chase and Conner learned quite a bit how to spell using these videos and also learned the difference between consonants and vowels. I know…they’ve quizzed me at least a hundred times!

The videos are created by Have Fun Teaching, and can be found on YouTube for free. They’re bundled and also available for free on the Kindle Fire (with Amazon Prime).
Find it here: Amazon

I really like this one, because, who doesn’t like Daniel the Tiger?! It helps the boys understand their angry feelings and shows them how to resolve them on their own, which I love! This area is a work in progress, but they love it and watch it quite often!
Find it here: Video App

Most days we get “art” and other scribbles that Chase and Conner bring home from what they worked on in Preschool that day. But last week I was so shocked to see the words “pig” and “mall” scribbled multiple times on the papers they brought home! My babies are reading AND writing too!! They love this app because it helps them learn the names of letters and what they look like by tracing a train down the tracks, and completing other fun train yard activities. Plus let’s face it, which little boy doesn’t like trains?
Find it here: Amazon

Reinforcing what the boys are learning in Preschool is so much easier, thanks to so many great educational apps and videos available for them now on their Kindle Fire. I’m grateful to have these learning tools (and Pinterest) at my fingertips!

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