Take a good look in the mirror. I’m not being literal here. But seriously, take some time to reflect on your life, as you live it day in and day out. Think about the actions you take, and what you give energy to. Are they in line with your 2018 goals? Will they help you live your best life?

It’s almost two full months into the New Year, and I’m finding myself settling back into old ways. I don’t mean being lazy or unfocused with my aspirations. What I mean is not being mindful…of what I feed my mind with, and what I allow to TAKE from me! I’ve decided to reset. Today! Because you don’t need a New Year to start over. For me to live my best life, there are three things I need:

1. To be connected with family and friends – A real connection where we know what’s going on in each other’s lives and make time to hang out together. Since I became a mommy to twin boys, the little tykes have pretty much taken over my life. But as they continue to grow, I’ll be making more time for the people that are truly important to me.

2. To take care of my body – Diet and exercise are lifestyle changes that I have been committed to for some time. Feeding my mind with positivity and blocking bad energy are just as important as being physically healthy.

3. To fearlessly pursue my dreams – This pretty much speaks for itself!

I’m challenging you today, as I will do each day, to ask one simple question: will the actions I take today help me live my best life? Let that answer guide the steps you take!

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