August 29, 2019 | Fashion Trends

Gwei Noel Yengong of The Noel Closet was recently featured on this blog as one of seven Fashion Forward Men of Instagram worth a follow. You may know him as @manlikeclix (his IG handle), and a quick perusal of his feed confirms he is a man who knows about style!

With fashion’s favorite season fast approaching, I have collaborated with Noel to share his take on mens’ fashion, and what he’s most looking forward to for Fall.

FH: What three words would you use to describe your personal style?
GNY: Elegant, Fusion, and Unique

FH: What Fall/Winter trend are you most looking forward to styling?
GNY: I am so in love with trench coats, and elegant sweaters that I can layer with my shirt and tie.

FH: How do you incorporate new trends into your client’s current wardrobe?
GNY: I start by analyzing his wardrobe and we talk about how he wants to feel when the Fall or Winter comes. Then when I go shopping for my client I keep in mind that the intention is to dress strictly for the seasons.

FH: What is your favorite clothing or accessory to shop for?
GNY: Shoes, shoes, shoes LOL! In my apartment I have about 159 pairs of shoes, and I’m still browsing to buy more, would you imagine?!

FH: What are your favorite brands to shop?
GNY: Alessandro Veneto for shoes and suits, and Hublot watches

You can follow Noel on Instagram here. What trends are you dying to wear this Fall?

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