It’s been less than a week since I got back from the mini vacation I took with my guys. We took a few days off and drove down to Virginia Beach for some “R and R”, and a much needed change of scenery! As we drove back, it dawned on me what a privilege it is to have the ability to escape from reality and reconnect as a family; and it’s one that I’m extremely grateful for! But it also got me to thinking “what if we couldn’t travel? How would we still make the most of Summer”? If you find yourself short on time or funds for a lavish out of town vacation this year, a staycation just might be the answer! And no need to lose sleep brainstorming ideas for a fun time. Your girl’s got you covered with 9 tips to help you make your staycation as lit as a dream cruise to the Caribbean. The best part? They’re adult AND kid approved!

9 Tips To Make Your Staycation Lit This Summer

1. Explore your backyard, literally!
Who says you can’t have fun in your backyard? And this one’s great for kids! Find themed outdoor activities like this and this and take the kids outside exploring on a treasure hunt, or nature walk.


2. Take a guided tour around your city.
Be a tourist for a day! Sure, you see it everyday on your commute to and from work. But have you really explored where you live? Take a bus tour around the city, or a guided tour of a museum or national landmark in your town. The bonus: being in the company of other tourists is sure to give you vacation feels!

3. Book a reservation at that restaurant.
Yes, that restaurant. The one you’ve been meaning to try for forever! Having new experiences creates feelings of fulfillment. Make it a habit to try new things often.


4. Join a swimming pool association.
Nothing says Summer quite like some serious water fun. If you don’t have access to a pool in your neighborhood, consider joining a community swimming pool association.

5. Summer Reading.
It’s not too late to start a Summer reading list. Your local library is a great resource. Get the kids involved and excited by allowing them to choose their own books. On lazy days, everyone will have something to keep them entertained.

6. Schedule a spa day.
No kids allowed! This takes care of the “R and R” portion of your staycation. My all time favorite spa is Robert Andrew. If you’re local to the Maryland/Washington DC area, book your next spa day here. It won’t disappoint!

7. Take advantage of outdoor entertainment.
One of my favorite things about Summer is being able to enjoy the outdoors. Wine festivals, outdoor concerts, flea markets, and street festivals/fares are just a few ways you too can take advantage of summer entertainment.


8. Plan a Summer party.
Whether it’s a barbeque or picnic, plan to celebrate the sunny season with your closest friends and family. And for tips on how to make this as stress free as possible, read my Sunday Brunch blog post here.

9. Sleep in.
I think this should’ve been tip #1! But seriously, if you’ve taken a few days off from work, allow yourself to sleep in…no alarm clocks, no schedules, no to-do’s! Allowing yourself to be free from the constraints of time helps to make you more relaxed and rejuvenated.

You’ve got the tools. Now kick back, relax, and enjoy that staycation!

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