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Eating “fancy” on a Sunday morning has been a tradition in my family since I was a child. Growing up in Jamaica, it meant that delicacies such as ackee and saltfish (our National dish), breadfruit, and Johnny cakes were reserved for this special meal. After helping my Mom in the kitchen, we would all sit down to a leisurely breakfast, to the sounds of an easy breeze blowing through the louvre windows and ’80’s pop rock playing in the background. To this day, my Journey and Material Girl stations on Pandora are my favorite to get me through Sunday mornings!

This year, we’ve pretty much bypassed Spring and are heading directly into Summer (with no detours, I hope). The twins are growing so fast these days, though it feels like it took an eternity for them to get to this stage. Since they’re much easier to handle, Greg (the Hubby) and I decided to host Sunday brunch. We’d been itching to get our friends together for some time now, so with the break in the weather, and the aforementioned kiddos being more cooperative, I jumped right into planning our first get together of the season.

For weeks I’ve been pinning like a crazy woman to my Entertaining Ideas Pinterest board. I wanted a variety of tasty treats that didn’t have long prep times and would be suitable for our al fresco brunch.

Mini Chicken & Waffles

The Mini Chicken and Waffles were an easy fave! I used Chick Fil-A nuggets and drenched half with Polynesian sauce, and the other half with maple syrup. I still can’t decide which I liked better.

Pineapple Berry Fruit Cups

The Bar

We served mimosas, red wine sangria, and some mean Bloody Mary’s.


Not pictured above are the Ackee and Saltfish, Sweet Potato Hash, and Spinach and Cheese Frittatas I didn’t get a chance to photograph before they were devoured. Also not pictured are the Codfish Fritters and French Toast I didn’t get around to making. More on that below!

Twenty seven guests RSVP’d Yes


Some friends just show up and get to work. That’s Geri! Our friendship spans almost two decades, my first “American” friend, as I like to call her. Greg and I couldn’t have pulled this off without her!



We had fun meeting new family members, catching up on life…and the best light! LOL

All in all, brunch was a hit! Our guests ate their bellies full, and had a great time (they said)! It was important to Greg and me that our friends have a good time, with minimal stress on our part. Hosting any event will come with stress of course, but luckily this one was a winner for us. These tips helped us plan a good event AND actually enjoy it with our friends:

1. We Booked a Sitter
This was hands down the best thing we could’ve done! She showed up a couple of hours before the brunch to entertain and look after the twins so we could focus on getting prepped.

2. We Pre-Prepped the Day Before
We set up tables and the bar the day/night before. I bought chalkboard tags and signs to label the fare, but forgot to do that the night before…and couldn’t get it all done at the brunch.

3. We Went with the Flow
So, I mentioned above I had two or three other items on the menu that didn’t actually make it to the table. Yeah, I ran out of time. My guests were arriving and getting hungry, and quite frankly, I wanted to get out of the kitchen to mingle and have fun too! And that’s just exactly what we did!

The Hubby

The Twins

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